You should expect 2-3 weeks between when you send me your manuscript and when I return the copy edited version. Of course, this depends on the length of the manuscript and other factors; short stories will take less time, while long novels may take longer. It also depends on how much other work I have at the time. However, I will always try to give you an accurate estimate of turnaround time when I accept a manuscript.

When you send me a sample of your work to edit, expect that to take no more than 2 days. If I haven’t sent it back to you or at least acknowledged it within two days, try me again. Your email may have gone into my spam filter.

I will accept rush jobs. If you need your copy editing done in less than 3 weeks (2 weeks is possible, but not guaranteed), I will charge more, because I will have to take time away from other jobs to focus on that one, but I will most likely be able to do it.

If you haven’t finished your manuscript yet, but have a date that you want it to be edited by, contact me and we can set something up. I’ll likely to be able to finish the edit more quickly if I can plan it into my schedule.