My base rate for copy editing is $10.00 per 1000 words.

Yes, that comes out to a penny per word! However, because different word processors count words in different ways, I prefer to round to the nearest thousand words when calculating my rate.

This is a base rate and subject to change: if your manuscript is particularly dense or has a lot of errors, I may need to charge more. However, if you have an unusually clean manuscript, I will charge less!

I will edit a sample of up to one thousand words for free. I will not set a final rate until I have edited a sample, if you want to send me one. I highly encourage you to send a sample, so that I can get a sense of how long it will take me to edit your manuscript, and we can each get a feel for each other’s style and decide if we are a good fit. I may not be the copy editor for you, and that’s all right! But I hope I am.

I accept payment via PayPal and ask for half of the final rate to be paid before I begin, and half when we are both happy with the editing. Payment by check is also acceptable, though I will not start work until the first check has cleared.

I may also be open to barter! If you are a book cover artist or a web developer in need of copy editing, please contact me. We can work out something with lower rates for one or both of us, depending on what needs to be done.