Even the best writers need editors.

You’re deep in inspiration, your fingers flying along… and you type a word with the letters out of order. You don’t notice at the time because your story is all that’s in your mind–as it should be! Even when you reread the sentence, your brain fixes it, because it knows what should be there.

You’re typing away and someone speaks to you. You accidentally replace one of the words you’re typing with the word that was spoken. You don’t notice when you reread the sentence, because you know what should be there.

You don’t care about the rules for commas and you don’t think you should bother. Readers don’t care, right? Well… some readers do, and some of them complain. You’re stumped. You think maybe you should fix it, if people are confused, but you’re not sure how.

You keep forgetting how your main character’s name is spelled. Is it Tracy or Tracey? After finishing the manuscript, you decide it’s Tracy, and do a search and replace for all the incorrect uses of Tracey, but aren’t sure you got them all.

You forget the difference between “hoard” and “horde,” and later forget that you’ve used them at all.

English is not your first language, and while you’re meticulous about getting things right, you don’t see phrasings that would seem awkward to a native speaker.

For those situations and more, that is why I am here. I will fix your mistakes, point out inconsistencies, and generally make sure your manuscript is the best it can be. I am an experienced editor and, as a writer and avid reader myself, I know that fiction doesn’t necessarily follow the strict rules you learned in English class. My goal is to fix the sentences that may be confusing, leave alone the ones that are clear, and generally help your prose get out of the way so your story can shine through.

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